Our Philosophy and Work with Clients

Our philosophy is founded in historical perspective and market knowledge. We believe that discipline is the most effective path to investment success; rigorous processes of historical analysis drive our strategic and tactical decisions. This consistent application of financial analysis enables us to maintain discipline and eliminate emotional decision-making.

In the stock market, there is a close correlation between the value of a company and its ability to make its business grow. Market history clearly shows that overpricing and underpricing of security classes, sectors and individual issues are occurring continuously. By building diversified portfolios of attractively priced, financially strong companies, we provide a greater likelihood of investment success through market cycles. In bond market activities, we seek yield advantage over benchmark U.S. Treasury rates, considering many different risk factors in reaching our investment conclusions. Our efforts are applied equally to all managed accounts so that all clients receive equal treatment. Within target allocation guidelines, we actively manage our client portfolios to improve risk/return characteristics.

At the outset of our relationship with you, your investment goals, investing experience, tolerance for risk and your specific preferences are all important in determining the investment strategy we recommend. After a thorough and detailed analysis of your specific circumstances, a plan is constructed for your review, consideration and approval.

By developing an individualized asset allocation strategy for you, we have the best opportunity to provide the returns you are focused on achieving. We review the asset allocation strategy regularly and make adjustments as needed.

We work with you on a discretionary basis meaning we may take investment action on your behalf without explicit approval in advance, provided the action is consistent with your overall investment goals. You receive notification by mail or email from your custodian of the investment change. You are always welcome to call and discuss any questions you may have, including all of our investment decisions.

At the beginning of a new account relationship, often we find that it is helpful to meet more frequently, usually quarterly or semi-annually. Our goal is to ensure you understand and feel comfortable with our process.

In addition, you will receive monthly statements from the custodian and a quarterly portfolio appraisal and investment newsletter from us. We will also have occasional special mailings and emails on topics of interest. Most clients speak with us by telephone several times throughout the year. Clients are encouraged to contact us by email, fax, or telephone to ask questions or discuss any financial decision they are facing. We pride ourselves on being very accessible and responsive to your needs.